Vrije vertaling.

Engelse vertaling van ‘Jantje zag eens pruimen hangen’.


Johnny once saw hanging prumes

Oh … as chicken eggs so groot

It seemed that Johnny would go plucking

While his father ’t him forboad.


“But as I will be very clever

Then my father sees it not

On this tree full of prumkes

He will not have it in the mot”


So he clautered in the prumetree

Stack his pocket full of fruit

But he mistrapped on a tackske

And fell down, flack on his snoot.


All the prumes were spice now

And the spice ran out his brook

It dripped softly in his couses

Johnny did not darf to look.


And again he was not lucky

Cause his father came there oan

And he gave him such a ramling

He could fourteen days not goan.


That is how end the silly story

Of little Johnny, the proimenthief

Even with a lot of goesting

He did it never more upnief. 

5 thoughts on “Vrije vertaling.

  1. @ Margo :
    Mijn schat kwam ermee thuis en ik vond het iets voor hier. 🙂
    @ Zeezicht :
    Ja, dat was het zeker ! 😉
    @ Aquarius :
    Het is niet van mezelf, ik heb het slechts over getypt. 🙂
    @ Stef :
    Ja, zoiets. 😆

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